Tricker’s | Sartale


Britain’s oldest shoe brand Tricker’s was founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker and is still owned by his descendants. The brand’s footwear has achieved cult status, especially amongst lovers of country boots. These boots are worn on the organic fields of Prince Charles and it is not for nothing that his royal warrant has been featured alongside the Tricker’s brand logo since 1989.

However, the brand is famous not only for its massive and reliable as a tank, brogues. In recent years a variety of light and elegant models have been added to the collection. One is the almost weightless Adam suede penny loafers with an unlined, super-flexible sole, available in a range of shades. Like other footwear of the brand, they require about 260 operations and 8-10 weeks of work and are made using Goodyear technology using a welt, which allows you to replace the sole if necessary.

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