The success story of the Doriani brand began back in the 1930s. At that time, the brand was called Storm and specialized in the production of leather belts. Later they added raincoats and other garments to the collection. The English name was a sign of the time - the Italian fashion industry and, as a consequence, the pride of putting a “Made in Italy” sign did not yet exist. In the 1970s, Gisberto Carlo Sassi got the idea to start working with cashmere. In those days, in the evening hours in Portofino, Forte dei Marmi and Capri, men used to throw cashmere sweaters over their shoulders; this style was notable for men in the Dolce Vita era.

In 1972, the Doriani brand was born, its factory is located in Biella, in northern Italy, where the largest number of textile industry enterprises are concentrated. At the same time, the headquarters and the main showcase of Doriani are located in the heart of Milan and it is this city, which is known for its restrained elegance, that largely determines the style of the brand. It rejects the blind following of fashion trends and desires to create things that serve for years and are always appropriate.

Although today Doriani produces a complete set of items for men's wardrobe, the brand's style is still based on that classic cashmere sweater. The Doriani collection also offers jeans, pique cotton polos, shirts - from formal to linen summer ones, as well as suits, outerwear and, of course, first-class leather accessories.

Today, the Doriani factory is managed by the third generation of owners. Cashmere remains the main material in the brand's collections, but Doriani also uses many mixed and more functional materials: wool, silk, cotton, etc. The company adheres to the principles of sustainable development, using eco-yarns, which are not colored with chemical dyes.

The Sartale store presents a diverse line of Doriani models: sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans, polos, all kinds of accessories, as well as outerwear and leather goods.