Alfredo in Naples is called "the king of leather jackets", and with good reason. He started sewing at age 13 and worked as a tailor for a total of 50 years. Among his clients were many famous people, including such an unusual one as John Paul II. The story is known that in 1993 he admired the leather jacket of his personal pilot and ordered such a jacket for winter walks. Although no photographs of the Pope in a leather jacket can be found, given the fact that John Paul was a supporter of the luxury of the holy throne, the story is easy to believe.

The Neapolitan atelier Alfredo Rifugio, run by his heir Alfonso, has ten employees. Exactly like tailors in an ordinary atelier, they sew clothes from first-class leather. In the collection you can find both shirt-jackets made of the finest suede, which after the 70s returned to fashion, as well as leather jackets and bombers. The classic Alfredo Rifugiobomber jacket in grained leather or suede with zip or horn buttons is an indispensable item in any well-chosen wardrobe.