The history of this brand began with a sheer accident. Luciano Barbera, who grew up in his father Carlo Barbera's factory in Biella, knew a lot about good fabrics and had an exceptional taste. One day he was walking down the street in a new suit from Mario Pozzi, the best tailor in Milan at the time. He was noticed by the famous photographer Ugo Mulas, who took a picture for l'Uomo Vogue. The head of the Louis Boston store saw this photo and flew from the USA to meet the person from that very photo and buy the suits of his brand. Only there was no brand, there was only Luciano Barbera himself, whom the American press would later call “the most elegant man in the world.” That is when, back in 1971, he realized that it was essential to turn fabrics into ready-made suits and founded a brand named after himself.

His personal style helped shape the aesthetics of the brand. The choice of materials was also influenced by Luciano’s personal taste, and his understanding of fabrics is thorough. In the collections of Luciano Barbera you can find things for any occasion. It primarily addresses men who prefer a classic style without the strict framework and want to emphasize their individuality. Luciano Barbera's clothes allow you to stand out, but never overshadow the person, they do not go out of fashion and only get better over the years. The Sartale store presents informal Luciano Barbera models - blazers made of cashmere jersey, various knitwear and outerwear.