It is unlikely that there is a more celebrated and treasured necktie label in the world than the Neapolitan E.Marinella. Throughout more than 100 years of its history, the makers have never strayed away from their principles of being made by hand, nor from their style. Ties by E.Marinella possess their own unique feature, which is elegant subtlety. They do not scream for attention and are to an extent traditional, hence amplifying the good taste of whoever is endowed by them.

All ties are sewed from stiff and elastic English silk with wool padding (except for the seven-fold-ties). Furthermore, the quantity of original patterns and designs are near impossible to be matched – no more than ten ties can be crafted from one piece of fabric; hence it would be near impossible to find a matching twin in the same city.

The E. Marinella tie atelier is housed in a large apartment (once again near Naples). About twenty craftswomen in beautiful smocks cut, fold and sew ties to the sound of the radio. “Just like 100 years ago, we were armed only with scissors and a needle. This is not an assembly line because we work with small orders for customers all over the world,” says Maurizio Marinella. At noon he reports: “The cook will come and start preparing dinner for the craftswomen in the kitchen, and the pastry chef will come at three o'clock. This tradition, to all have dinner together, in a family way, was established by my aunt." Traditions in Naples are customarily observed.