In 1973, businessmen Giampaolo and Alessandro Valoti decided to make beautiful men's shirts. Over time, a modest home workshop grew into a factory, and the number of shirts produced changed from tens to thousands. At first, the brothers worked for other brands, but in 1993 they decided to create their own Sonrisa brand, and they did not regret it. Later, the company's portfolio expanded including several more brands. However, Sonrisa remains the main brand in their collection. Here each shirt is treated as a unique sartorial product, the factory produces only 350 of them per day.

The brand uses exclusively Italian fabrics and the best of them come from the Carlo Riva catalog. Cotton and linen dominate their summer collection, whereas denim and flannels, including cashmere, rule the winter collection. As the company ironically, but rightly notes, “Life is a shirt, wear it right”, one simply cannot disagree with that.

The Sartale store offers a wide selection of Sonrisa shirts - from costume to informal.