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The history of the Bontoni family brand from Montegranaro began in 2004, but in a very short time it has become one of the most respected shoe brands. According to the old tradition, the bottega Bontoni (a workshop located in a residential building), fits into a space of just 100 meters on the first floor of the house of Franco Gadzani, a third generation shoemaker. His father Manfredo and uncle Bruno also work there.

The design of Bontoni combines the Italian chic of the 50s with modern trends and an almost English exterior solidity. The company produces footwear using several technologies: lightweight stitched models (Blake Rapid and Bologna) and welted shoes (Goodyear). In these models, beauty and skillful handwork are primarily noticeable: about 100 stitches are sewn with a saddle stitch using an awl, two needles and waxed threads, and on models sewn with a double and even triple stitch, there are, respectively, two and three times more. At the same time, Bontoni manages to Bontoni can produce no more than 12 pairs of shoes per day, and less than 3000 pairs per year.