Anyone who has ever bought socks from a variety of luxury brands has probably come across Bresciani products, albeit produced for other brands. This brand, whose factory is located near Mantua, is literally the main manufacturer of quality socks in Italy. It was founded by the fine knitwear specialist Mario Bresciani in 1970. Much has changed since then: noisy post-war machines have been replaced by quiet modern machines, making the sock factory seem more like a space station today, but the quality of Bresciani has remained unchanged. However, even with the triumph of technology, the linking of each pair of socks is done by hand. The brand works with best-in-class materials: silk, linen, Egyptian cotton, vicuna wool, Himalayan cashmere, Australian merino wool, bamboo and hemp. In addition to socks of the classic colors and patterns, which are constantly produced, every season Bresciani releases new models in unusual shades. So both an adherent of strict classics and a lover of expanding the boundaries of fashion will be able to find suitable socks here.