Not many clothing brands originate from Switzerland. This country is famous mainly for precision products, however Zimmerli underwear fits this description perfectly. This brand is at the top of the list of premium manufacturers of men's underwear and homeware.

In 1871, the Zimmerli couple acquired the latest invention of the American engineer Isaac Lamb - a knitting machine with one needle. Paulina Zimmerli learned to knit socks and stockings on it and soon began selling items outside her hometown. She was very inventive and figured out how to improve the machine. She sent her ideas to the USA and got a modified machine for two needles. On it, she was able to knit more elastic fabrics for underwear and actually opened a whole new sector in the industry. The quality of her products did not go unnoticed and she received a gold medal for it. And when Zimmerli products began to be sold in Paris in 1878 in Le Bon Marché, the best department store in the world, it opened the whole world to the brand.

At first, the company produced only men's underwear, but later women's underwear was added to it. Moreover, the bet was placed on ultra-thin materials, which the Zimmerli factory was already brilliant at producing in the 1920s.

Today Zimmerli owns several factories, and its collections include a full range of homeware, pajamas, bathrobes, suits made of Egyptian mako cotton, superfine merino wool, cashmere, silk, and modal. The company is built according to the standards of modern times and strictly adheres to the principles of sustainable development and environmental control. Its products are marked with Made in Green certificates, which confirm that Zimmerli products do not harm the environment, do not contain chemical elements, and the working conditions comply with ethical standards.

As for the style of Zimmerli products, the Swiss hand is noticeably present in them, they correspond to the concept of understated luxury, there are no flashy logos, the stitching is tiny and delicate which provides exceptional comfort. In order to evaluate them, you can simply select any of the Zimmerli products in the catalog of the Sartale store. Here you will find both underwear items and clothes for home, leisure and sports.