Behind one of the most successful Italian productions from Parma stands the Somma family. Knitwear seller Niko Somma arrived in Bari in 1892, where he opened his shop. The brand name Svevo refers to the name of the Swabian Castle (Castello Svevo) in Bari.

In 1955, Nico's son Mario founded his own knitting production, entrusting the work to the local craftsmen. The manufactory initially produced only men's knitwear. Later, a factory for the production of women's knitwear was added to it.

In the early 90s, Niko, the grandson of the founder, embarked on a significant transformation and moved the production to the Parma area, buying an existing knitting factory in Fidenza.

Today, the Svevo business is owned by the fourth generation of the Somma family, and knitwear is made on the same old hand-operated English Bentley machines. They were used for the sock production once and are great for fine knitwear, which the factory specializes in. The Svevo are virtuous in working with cotton, wool, silk, cashmere and their mixes. They use a special technology, where the canvas must "rest" for two days in a special container so that the knitwear may take the desired shape. Creating one jumper requires 22 operations, most of which are performed by hand.

Svevo produces classic knitwear items: jumpers, cardigans, long sleeves, and joggers. The iconic models of the brand are polo shirts, knitted trousers and The Resort Jackets made of jersey.