The Italian brand Andrea Ventura was founded in 2008 by two shoe enthusiasts - Andrea Ventura and Jacopo Soldini (Iacopo Soldini). It is no coincidence that Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and one of the key leather production centers in Italy became the birthplace of this brand. In addition to using high-quality leather, the company has prioritized the comfort of shoes from the start. In order to achieve it, Andrea Ventura has developed a strong and very flexible sole that does not restrict the natural movement of the foot. The customers' response did not disappoint: they often admitted that Andrea Ventura shoes were very comfortable and light as slippers.

That tangible comfort of the Andrea Ventura shoes is combined with an appearance that refers to timeless shoe classics. The brand's collection offers penny loafers, loafers, car shoes, sneakers, suede desert boots, as well as monks, derby and even trekking boots designed for urban life in the cold season.

The name of the iconic Andrea Ventura models refer to their purpose, for instance Aquariva lightweight loafers imply a pleasure boat brand.

The designers of the brand boldly use color to accentuate their work. In addition to neutral tones that will never go out of style, you can see many fashionable shades in the collection like dusty pink, emerald green, and Yves Klein blue. Oftentimes, the brand achieves the shabby chic effect in their shoes using artificially aged skin. The Sartale store presents iconic models of Andrea Ventura shoes in a wide range of sizes.