The Italian brand of men's clothing Capobianco is named after the most beautiful beach on the island of Elba. Here, among the snow-white sand, rocks and Mediterranean flora, one can also find the original source of the Capobianco style.

Capobianco collections include a complete set of items to create an informal and functional men's wardrobe. The brand offers various models of trousers: from classic to trendy with a drawstring and cuffs. The selection of knitwear offers a range of models from simple polos and T-shirts to jackets and comfortable jersey suits.

At the heart of the Capobianco style is elegance outside the rigid framework of the classic style, relaxed and timeless.

Here the importance of product quality has the status of a cult and every detail is carefully thought out and perfectly placed. The work on Capobianco collections begins with selecting the best natural materials. Capobianco has a special attitude to jersey products. In order to achieve more durable and beautiful materials, the best kinds of long fiber yarn are selected: the combed and the mercerized cotton, cashmere and silk both in their pure forms and in mixed yarns. The experts of the Sartale store have selected the best knitwear samples from the Capobianco collection.