The Fioroni couple founded a small manufacturer for the production of cashmere knitwear and embroidery in 1978. Then they had one knitting machine and one sewer in their arsenal. Their company is located on the shores of Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. The majority of high-quality cashmere producers in Italy are concentrated in this region. The local tradition of weaving goes back to the Middle Ages, and the work with cashmere began here in the XIX century, when this precious material was brought to Europe by the British by the East India Company. The location by the lake is no coincidence: historically, textile production originated at water sources. Although Fioroni products are washed in lake water to this day, and the minerals contained in the water are believed to give cashmere a special softness, it rather symbolizes proximity to nature. In modern production, water consumption is carefully regulated and the strictest environmental standards are observed, which prevent chemicals from penetrating into groundwater.

After many years of working for other brands, Fioroni registered their own brand in 2008. However, it received proper development only in 2015, when the company was acquired by the Attolini brothers, owners of the famous Neapolitan factory Cesare Attolini.

Today, 30 craftsmen work at the Fioroni factory, and the production method can be called artisanal. To create a knitted fabric, both manual and computerized machines are used. However, each product is assembled and perfected manually, including stitching collars, cuffs, sleeves and armholes, hemming, stitching buttonholes and fixing buttons.

In addition to cashmere, the company uses superfine wool from New Zealand of exceptional quality and yarns from Italian and Scottish manufacturers. Thanks to Duvet Fioroni technology, more wool fibers are used in the clothing items. If a regular cashmere sweater weighs about 220 grams, the same Duvet Fioroni model will weigh 350 grams. This technology completely eliminates any bobbling. Fioroni is also one of the first Italian companies to introduce “Italian Textile Fashion” - a special tracking certificate confirmed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. It is awarded based on monthly checks of the origin of raw materials and the production process, which should be concentrated inside the manufacturing facility from the creation of yarn to the release of finished products.

The Sartale store offers a wide selection of Fioroni products: from classic T-shirts and polo shirts made of cotton, linen, cashmere and silk in various combinations, to sweaters, cardigans and vests.