Sartale.сom is an online menswear shop whose concept can be defined by the phrase “exciting classics”. We believe that the classic style remains relevant when it does not become canon, but changes over time to meet the needs and lifestyle of modern men. A multitude of historic and emerging brands are interpreting classic models and presenting them to a new generation.


Building on our many years of experience with menswear, we have carefully thought out the selection of brands for Here you will find such iconic and classic models as suits, shirts, ties, shoes, as well as a large selection of informal clothes. We have a long-standing relationship with most manufacturers, and they release many of the models specifically for Paying tribute to Italian style and brands, we have searched around the world for brands that do not follow fashion fads and trends but remain true to timeless design, quality and tradition. The brands featured on offer honest and top-class products.

The classic style offers a lot of room for experimentation. We have created a blog to inspire you, help you navigate trends and find your own style. There you will find out what classics are not boring, we will give you some practical advice on style and introduce you to the best menswear manufacturers.


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