The Tuscan brand Malo was born at a time when the Scots had the unchallenged reign over the cashmere knitwear market, and the color options for men's sweaters could be counted on the fingers of a hand.

However, in 1972 brothers Alfredo and Giacomo Canessa decided that high-quality knitwear could be produced in Italy and founded the Malo Tricot factory near Florence. Production was gaining momentum, and already in the late 70s and early 80s, the word Malo, which means “I prefer” in Latin, was learned far beyond the borders of Italy. The customers of this brand really do prefer the best materials (cashmere from Inner Mongolia), exceptional craftsmanship and quality, which has remained unchanged, although the factory has long changed its owners. Malo believes that cashmere fiber is one of the most stable and strong materials that nature can offer, it can be jammed, twisted and washed in a washing machine - and yet it always returns to its original form. All these properties are characteristic of Malo knitwear. It takes 8 to 16 working hours to knit one product in the factory equipped with traditional manual machines, located in Piacenza. Each item is assembled and sewn by hand.

Today, Malo uses not only cashmere, but also other high-quality materials including silk, mako cotton, baby llama, vicuna and camel wool. It produces full clothing collections for men, women and children. The Sartale store presents the classics of the brand - bright and versatile sweaters, pullovers, and cardigans.